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ATRO Medical

ATRO Medical is an innovative start-up enhancing the quality of life for patients suffering from post-meniscectomy pain syndrome. Backed by multiple investors, the Artimis® Meniscus Prosthesis is completing the second round of clinical trials in the Netherlands. The CEO drives the strategic plan for the company’s expansion, especially in the US, through fundraising and strategic partnerships.

About ATRO Medical

ATRO Medical is the global front-runner in developing an anatomically shaped polymer prosthesis to replace the damaged meniscus of patients. With over 150,000 new patients each year developing chronic knee pain after a meniscectomy in the US and Europe, the demand for a solution is substantial. Successful trials in the Netherlands have brought the Artimis® Meniscus Prosthesis one step closer to helping patients decrease pain and increase mobility.

ATRO Medical’s promising prosthesis is the result of decades of research, innovative collaboration, and investments. As an orthopedic knee surgeon, founder Dr. Tony van Tienen has been researching, developing, and testing meniscus prostheses for twenty-five years. In 2010, the first version of the meniscus prosthesis resulted from a Dutch Public-Private Partnership at BioMedical Materials (BMM), a collaboration between clinical, biomechanical, and polymer experts. In 2016, ATRO Medical was founded as a spin-off from the Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc) and DSM Biomedical and has since completed its second clinical trial thanks to the investment of 819 Capital Partners, Thuja Capital Management, Oost NL, Brabantse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij, DSM ventures, and the Radboudumc. The company has offices in Nijmegen and Uden and a technology platform at the Orthopedic Research Lab in the Radboudumc.

In the next phase of its expansion, ATRO Medical focuses on the US market. Granted with the FDA Breakthrough Device Designation, the company is designing the US clinical study with several pre-submissions to the FDA and is in pole position to bring Artimis® to US patients. The deep expertise of the driven ten-person team and board ensures the company is set up for success, and the CEO will bring in the complementary capabilities required to take ATRO Medical to the next round.

Job description: CEO

The CEO develops and executes a robust strategic plan to propel ATRO Medical’s growth and market leadership. They prioritize bringing Artimis® to the US market as the first meniscus prosthesis. Using their expertise and network, they raise the required funding and build strategic partnerships and alliances with select orthopedic device companies and other stakeholders in the field of sports medicine.

“We are the front runner in meniscus prostheses, and we need to get to market first. That is why the capacity of the CEO and management team to realize funding and strategic partnerships for the regulatory studies in the US will be critical.” – Tony van Tienen, founder and Chief Medical Officer

Readying ATRO Medical for expansion, the CEO brings the financial acumen, strategic insights, and healthcare experience to be a highly credible partner for investors, regulators, corporate partners, and medical professionals alike. They lead the financial planning and oversee operations, quality, and regulatory compliance. Their network and industry expertise help them identify alliances and exit opportunities.

Within ATRO Medical, the CEO spends time on the ground with the high-performing management and builds on the expertise of the board. They lead and coach the team to foster the company’s culture of reliability, innovation, and collaboration, where every one of the ten employees feels empowered to contribute to the organization’s success.

This is an exciting opportunity for a seasoned leader with proven experience in fundraising and corporate partnerships in the medical technology field, who builds on the expertise of the existing team and board. They align the people within ATRO Medical on the strategic vision while successfully engaging external stakeholders to get Artimis® to market first.

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