PhD Candidate: Computational Cognitive Neuroscience – Decision Confidence – Radboud University – Nijmegen

Radboud University

Almost every decision we make is accompanied by a feeling of confidence – a subjective assessment of how likely we are to be correct. This feeling of confidence allows us to evaluate our decisions and adjust our actions accordingly. Imagine you are about to cross a busy street. You rely on your sight and hearing to gauge if an oncoming truck will stop in time. But what factors influence your confidence in that judgment, and how does that confidence shape your next actions? This PhD project seeks to unravel the computations and neural mechanisms of these complex processes.

As a PhD candidate, you will also have the opportunity to develop valuable skills by mentoring students, participating in international conferences, and collaborating with leading researchers in the field. We offer access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources, and a supportive environment for your academic and professional development. Your teaching load may be up to 5% of your working time.

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