Senior Marketing Manager Industrial / Food service EMEA – Sealed Air Corporation – Nijmegen

Sealed Air Corporation

SEE designs and delivers packaging solutions that protect essential goods transported worldwide, preserve food, enable e-commerce and digital connectivity, and help create a global supply chain that is touchless, safer, less wasteful, and more resilient.

Our people are entrepreneurial innovators and problem solvers committed to bringing unique insights and solutions to the needs of our customers, stakeholders, and society. At SEE, we are creating a community of inventors, problem solvers, and future makers who are passionate about fulfilling our purpose.

What does a Senior Marketing Manager Industrial / Food service EMEA do?

Develops and manages Sealed Air’s Food Care value proposition in the Industrial units / Food Service space, supporting the existing packaging business and anticipating new market trends to secure Sealed Air profitable presence in the segment. 

Wy we need you?

  • You bring the capability to conduct thorough market research and analysis, identifying opportunities from industry trends, technological advancements, customer feedback, competitive dynamics, and regulatory changes.
  • Your deep understanding of the value chain, industry economics, and the competitive landscape ensures that SEE’s portfolio aligns with and anticipates customer needs.
  • Your ability to contribute to defining long-term business strategies and expanding into new segments will drive SEE’s growth and sustainability in the region.
  • Your leadership in Marketing Activities within Industrial units and the Foodservice space is paramount to SEE’s success. You’ll be tasked with developing concrete business cases to construct compelling customer value propositions, supporting a product portfolio strategy encompassing pricing, positioning, services, and channels.
  • Your collaboration with EMEA regional portfolio, sales, and marcom teams will drive commercialization tactics and foster growth for both existing and new products.
  • Your engagement with the industry and customers will provide invaluable Industrial and Food Service marketing expertise, facilitating the creation of necessary capabilities and connections with appropriate partners. 
  • You’ll collaborate closely with the marketing enablement manager, sales operations, and content teams to develop and roll out campaign assets, sales tools, landing pages, presentations, and brochures aimed at promoting SEE’s presence in these sectors.
  • Additionally, you’ll serve as the knowledge center and an evangelist of the business segment, qualifying and prioritizing leads while driving the follow-up process between the Marketing Team, Sales, and MarCom.
  • Moreover, your responsibility extends to developing and maximizing strategic partnership relationships with existing and new partners to foster common growth objectives. In summary, your role will be instrumental in enhancing SEE’s visibility, nurturing leads, and cultivating strategic partnerships to drive growth and success in the Industrial & Foodservice sectors.
  • Qualifications

  • Experience in the packaging industry with a strong marketing background preferred.
  • Proficiency in project management is advantageous.
  • Skilled in cross-functional coordination and influence across diverse functions/countries.
  • Capable of market analysis to identify trends and customer needs, creativity and implementing market strategies. 
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